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Weddings and rehearsal dinners present a special opportunity to share your love story with family and friends. Typical wedding rehearsal slideshows include pictures and videos of the couple's life as they grow, meet, and fall in love. Your guests will love seeing your pictures in your inspiring and truly entertaining video!

Break the ice

A wedding slideshow is a great way to get your guests talking. Whether played in the background or displayed in front of a captive audience, your slideshow is sure to stimulate your party’s conversation.

The perfect wedding slideshow

The most popular format for wedding rehearsal dinner slideshows consists of 3 chapters: one song for the bride, another song for the groom, and a final song for the couple’s dating years.

Share with everyone

Share your story with relatives and friends that are unable to attend your wedding. Upload your slideshow to a cloud service or play it during a Zoom call and let your friends experience your video from anywhere.

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