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What is a slideshow?

A slideshow is a video in which motion, music, and captions are added to photographs and then blended together with transitions and special effects.

What are motions and transitions?

Motions are the movements of the photograph in a slideshow. Photos can move any direction and they can zoom in and out as well. Transitions are the way one picture blends into the next. We use only high quality motions and transitions in our slideshows.

Will you make the slideshow for me?

Definitely. It’s what we do! All you need to do is provide some info and give us your photos and video clips and we’ll do the rest. You can even place your photos in order using our drag and drop interface.

Can my pictures and video clips be placed in a particular order?

Sure! Just upload to your project and rearrange to your preferred order.

How long will my slideshow be?

The length of your slideshow is generally determined by the number of photos and video clips as well as the accompanying music. We recommend limiting your slideshow to 12-15 minutes for display to a captive audience. If playing in the background, any length is appropriate. The average picture is shown 4 to 6 seconds accounting for transitions and effects.

How long does it take to make a slideshow?

After we receive your files, it typically takes 3-7 business days to create a slideshow depending on weekly demand. Memorial or funeral slideshows move to the front of the line and can be ready in less than 48 hours. There is a rush fee if your slideshow is needed in less time.

How do I get my music to you?

You can upload your mp3s to your project on our website or tell us the name of the song and artist and we can acquire it for you for $5 per song.

What if I want to put captions on pictures or titles before certain photos?

We want to create the slideshow you have imagined. Sometimes that means doing something outside the box. Special requests can be emailed to your producer after they begin working on your video.

Can I make edits before I buy my slideshow?

Absolutely. All slideshow projects include up to 1 hour of post-production editing by your producer. Allowed edits may include adding or swapping up to 5 photos, changing fonts, colors, or spelling errors on titles, and changing an effect on a particular slide. Larger edits such as adding or replacing a song may be an extra expense. You will always receive a quote before editing begins.

How many times can I send my video back for edits?

Every slideshow includes 1 hour of editing. After that, edits are subject to your producer’s hourly editing rate of $35/hour. We recommend having all of your photos and videos in the correct order and your music carefully thought out before submitting your slideshow files to keep your cost low and save you time.

What kind of payments do you accept?

We accept credit cards on our website or you can pay using Venmo or Paypal.

Can I use pictures I did not take in my slideshow?

We recommend using images with permission only.

How big should my photo files be?

For pictures, we recommend they are scanned at 300dpi. This will ensure a quality scan and a clearer picture in your slideshow.

Do you accept photos and music on DVD, CD and Flash drives?

Yes. We have a variety of delivery options including electronic delivery on our website or shipping your files to us on a DVD, CD, or flash drive.

Can I ship my photographs to you for scanning or digitizing?

Yes. Notify us and we will help you step by step to ensure your photos are delivered safely.

Are your DVDs compatible with all DVD players?

We use the popular DVD-R media, which is supported by nearly all DVD players attached to televisions or computers in the United States. Our DVDs follow the NTSC video standard.

Can I order more copies at a later date?

Yes. We will always have a backup of your DVD for future orders or emergencies. Extra copies are just $50.00.

I don’t know what I am doing! Can you help me?

Our slideshow producers are happy to assist you! We know making a slideshow can seem frustrating and we’re here to make it easy for you.

Reach us via phone (678) 696-1195 or email us at

Where are Heirloom Books made? Can I order more books with other family videos?

Heirloom Books are made in the USA and can be shipped anywhere. You can order more books with your family videos by visiting

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