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Easily get your photos and video clips from your computer, Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, Dropbox, web address, and more.

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Simply drag and drop your photos and video clips into your slideshow and arrange them in order. No experience necessary!

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Add any song you want with our state of the art uploader. Don’t have the mp3? No problem! We’ll get it for you legally and affordably.

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The Original Slideshow Co. Blog

From the best methods of gathering images to choosing music to uploading videos, we will cover it all by showing the best practices and common mistakes when building your video slideshow.

Watch anywhere

Our slideshows are downloadable 1920x1080 full HD resolution mp4 files that can be displayed on any device including TVs, phones, computers, tablets, and projectors. Custom DVDs and flash drives are also available.

Fast delivery

Most slideshows can be created and delivered in less than 5 days. Rush service is available. Once you've downloaded your slideshow, you can upload and share it from your preferred cloud or video-streaming service.

Handmade Slideshows

Milestone Slideshows are custom made. We do not use gimmicks, wizards, or robots. Your slideshow producer will touch every picture to make sure your video is synchronized perfectly by focusing on music, timing, and story.


Your soundtrack creates the mood of your slideshow. Your producer will adjust the effects of every photo and video to match the energy level of your songs.


We measure in beats not seconds. Your pictures will dance on your screen with transitions and effects perfectly synchronized to the music.


Your story is told with your photos. A slide may have an effect such as pan or zoom, but your producer will make certain the subjects in your pictures are seen.

Trust and privacy

We value your trust and ensure full privacy and respect for the images and videos you share with us. We handle each slideshow with care.

Trusted by many

Milestone Slideshows creates custom video montages for every life event. From weddings to graduations to memorials, our video producers deliver beautiful, one of a kind slideshows straight to your inbox.