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Milestone Slideshows is a family owned business originally founded as Milestones and Memories in 2000 with one goal in mind: to create custom slideshow videos to help you celebrate your memories.


Milestone Slideshows was officially born with new technology making it easier to upload and share pictures on the internet. We began offering more products including our custom DVDs.


We saw a major innovation in slideshow media in 2012. New state of the art effects became easier to integrate and with the demand for personal video growing, a team of slideshow producers was needed.


In 2020, new tools were developed to make uploading and arranging photos, videos, and song files the easiest on the planet. No one makes organizing pictures faster or easier than us.


Today, we are Milestone Digital, Inc., a team of artists, photographers, musicians, animators, graphic designers, video editors and much, much more. We work hard to continually innovate our slideshows and our process. The result - every slideshow receives lots of love and you get a one of a kind, genuinely handcrafted slideshow made just for you.

Thank you for trusting us with your slideshow. We hope you enjoy your video for years to come!

Your Slideshow Team

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