How to make a slideshow for wedding rehearsal dinners

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Wedding rehearsal dinners are a time-honored tradition. As the bride and groom's closest family members, you're expected to give them a gift that reflects how much they mean to you. That may sound easy enough, but what do you get for people who have everything? The answer is simple: Create something special just for them - like a slideshow of their most memorable moments together!

The art of making slideshows has been around since the early days of film photography. Today, it's easier than ever before with easy-to-use technology. But creating an amazing show takes more than just compiling photos; there are dos and don'ts along with some general tips that we'll outline in this blog post.

So, whether you're a first-time slideshow creator or an old pro, read on for our best advice on how to make a slideshow for wedding rehearsal dinners!

DO select photos that are meaningful and tell a story

Make sure to include important photos from the couple's relationship. You may want to go in chronological order, showing photos from early on in the relationship first and ending with the most recent shots.

You can even include some wedding planning and engagement photos.

Ask friends and family for photos to include - and don't be afraid to ask the bride and groom if they have any photos they want to use as well!

DO make sure to include pictures of family and friends

Weddings are about more than two people - they signify the union of two families as well.

Include pictures of grandparents, siblings, and friends with the bride and groom to show how their families have grown together. This will make everyone feel appreciated, and show their togetherness.

DO choose music that fits the personality of the couple

This is a perfect opportunity to use songs that are significant to the couple. Songs don't have to be specifically romantic to hold a special meaning to them. You can use the best parts of a few different songs to keep it interesting.

DO get creative!

By using interesting slide transitions, a mixture of photos and videos, and great music, your show will turn out beautifully.

DON'T go overboard with the time

Keep it short and sweet (around 10 minutes).

DON'T use embarrassing photos

It's okay to have a sense of humor but don't do anything to humiliate the bride and groom!

DON'T use cheesy or overused songs

Being sentimental is great, but don't go overboard - you don't want everyone rolling their eyes! This slideshow should be uniquely theirs so try not to use cliche songs unless they have special significance (if you have a slideshow producer, they can help you choose excellent songs).

DON'T forget to proofread your slideshow!

Look over it before showing it at the wedding rehearsal dinner to make sure everything looks and runs smoothly, and nothing was left out.

General Tips:

It's all about the memories. Be sure to include special moments from the couple's relationship, and don't be afraid of including some funny photos as well.

Mix up different kinds of media - videos, audio clips and animation are all great options for adding variety.

Be mindful of your transitions between slides - avoid abrupt cuts or jarring changes in tempo. Slow fades or dissolves are a much more graceful way to move from one photo to the next.

Proofread your slideshow before presenting it! It's worth saying twice. Nothing ruins a presentation like botched grammar and spelling mistakes!

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