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A birthday slideshow is a fantastic way to wish someone happy birthday on their special day. Not sure where to start? Read these dos and don'ts and start making your slideshow today!

DO make the presentation personal

Add photos, videos, and music that are specific to your relationship with this person. This will make them feel loved and appreciated!

Think about movies you've seen in the past where they start playing some old song from when they were young, or show home videos of family holiday gatherings. They can bring back so many great memories for someone who may not be able to get out much anymore.

DO keep it short

When done right, less is more! If you have too many pictures or choose long songs then it will lose its effectiveness. The point of a slideshow is quick and easy.

Keep your video to less than ten minutes and make sure to cut out any slow or boring parts of the song.

Shorten songs by fading them out or blending into the next tune so the sound flows nicely.

DO be humorous

A slideshow will be best received if you add a little humor! This could be in song choice, photo selection, or even something written on one of your slides (in big bold white text on a black background).

People love it when someone goes the extra mile and takes the time to get creative with their presentation. If you keep it lighthearted, this person is likely to watch through all the way and not feel overwhelmed by too many photos or too long of a video.

DON'T add just any old photos

Don't select pictures randomly and throw them into your slideshow without any thought. If all the photos are from different parts of life then it won't make much sense.

Try to think about some kind of theme or story that you can tell throughout your slideshow. This will help to keep it cohesive and interesting.

DON'T use cheesy clichés

Birthdays are a time to be sentimental and show how much you care, but that doesn't mean you have to use all the standard clichés in your presentation.

Things like "wishing you many more happy years", "you're only as old as you feel", and "enjoy every moment" get really old, really fast!

Try to be creative with your words and find something truly unique to say about this person.

DON'T play long songs

As mentioned before, keep your songs short!

Also, make sure that the songs you choose are upbeat and happy. Nobody wants to feel sad on their birthday.

General Tips

  1. Try to use a mix of old and new photos - This will give your slideshow a sense of continuity and help to avoid confusion.
  2. Use creative transitions between slides - This can add visual interest and make it more fun to watch.
  3. Make sure all fonts and text sizes are legible - You don't want people struggling to read what's on the screen.
  4. Don't forget about audio - Music and sound effects can really add to the overall effect of your slideshow.
  5. Don't forget to spellcheck - Slideshows should be mistake-free and typo-free. Not only will it make you look unprofessional, but it will also take away from the quality of your presentation!
  6. Use a wide variety of photos - Variety is key when making a good slideshow! Some people like to use all different kinds of photos (portraits, scenery, action shots), while others prefer to stick with one style (action shots or portraits). You can also get creative and try using collages or panoramas in addition to still images. Experiment and find out what works best for each person!

Milestone Slideshows is an easy way to create a slideshow for someone's birthday. It helps you curate photos and music that are specific to your relationship with this person, so they feel loved and appreciated! Check out the website here:

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Turn around time is only about 3 to 7 business days depending on weekly demand.

You will have a committed and responsive slideshow producer work with you to skillfully craft your unique presentation. You can ask as many questions as you like, make requests, and best of all - you don't pay until you are 100% satisfied.

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Wow! All I can say is Wow! Kris did such an amazing job with the video for my Mom's 80th birthday. It was 110% better than I ever could have imagined. This is going to be so special for her -- and my entire family. Thank you!!

Pam D.

I wanted to have a slideshow made for my granddaughter's 2nd birthday and wanted it done right so I contacted Milestone Slideshows having never worked with them before. Kris was my slideshow producer and he made the experience absolutely amazing. Not only was he very timely in responding to me, he was conscience of what I was looking for in my slideshow. He was also very patient with me regarding my SEVERAL questions and edits ! I highly recommend Milestone Slideshows if you are looking for a professional, accommodating company to make your memories beautiful.

Wendy W.

I recently worked with Kris at Milestone Slideshows and found the whole experience simple and straightforward from start to finish! If only I was a little more decisive in the first place I wouldn’t have been such a pain for Kris, but he was super patient with all my swapping and changing of pictures and songs! The end result brought both laughter and tears, the perfect response for a 1st Birthday slideshow. Thanks again Kris, memories to treasure forever!

Kerri A.

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