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High school graduation is a time of celebration and accomplishment. It's the end of one journey and the beginning of another, as we say goodbye to our high school years and hello to adulthood.

A slideshow is an easy way to share your favorite moments from your child's high school career with everyone who couldn't make it or wanted more than just pictures on Facebook!

Here are some dos and dont's for putting together a slideshow that will be the highlight of the graduation party:

DO make it personal

This is as much about your child as anything, so make sure you put some personal touches on it like pictures from childhood or baby pictures. It's also nice to include interviews with the graduate about their high school experiences, or a childhood friend who is now going to college with them.

DO keep the tone positive and fun

Include some of your favorite photos from your child's high school years. From formal portraits to silly snapshots, these memories will help capture all the emotions of this important time in their lives. Don't put embarrassing pictures of your child up unless you can be sure that they won't mind.

DO keep it short

Around 10 minutes is a good length. You don't want to wear out your welcome, and all the attention will make your graduate feel stressed if it's going on too long!

DO include everyone

Don't forget siblings in the videos, even if they're only in there for a few seconds. Use pictures of your child with their friends, teachers, coaches, and other important people.

DO include music

This is the part that takes it to the next level! Pick two or three songs and try to use all of them, even if different parts are short clips, to keep the flow. Subtle background music will help tie it together nicely.

DON'T let your graduate see it before the party

You might think this is fun for them, but trust me they will be stressed if they know you've made a big production about their graduation!

DON'T use embarrassing photos

This was mentioned above but it's worth repeating! High school is awkward enough already - be sure to paint your child in a good light, and show that you're proud of them.

DON'T use too many effects

You want people to be able to see the photos and read the text without getting a headache. The focus of the show should be the photos and videos, so use timeless and classy slide transitions.

DON'T overdo it on the music

Unless you're a professional DJ, you don't want your mix to take over the show. Choose songs that have personal meaning to the graduate. If you're not sure what songs to use, use something jubilant and stay away from sad songs.

With these tips in mind, you're ready to start putting together your child's graduation slideshow! It will be a treasured memory for years to come.

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